Magic Lantern Software Hack – 5Dmk3



1) Update camera firmware to 1.1.3.
2) Format the card from the camera.
3) Copy ML files on the card and run Firmware Update.
- Alpha 1 was downloaded over 3000 times, so it should be OK.
- Nothing is written into ROM, and no camera settings are changed by this version, so risks should be minimal.
- I didn’t run any field testing, there may be rough edges, not recommended for production work.
- If anything goes wrong, we don’t pay for repairs. Use Magic Lantern at your own risk!
- Magic Zoom (zoom while recording), experimental focus peaking modes, ghost image, display presets
- Movie indicators, movie logging, rec/standby notification, force LiveView for manual lenses
- Gradual exposure in movie mode
- HDR video
- Brightness, contrast, saturation, display gain, color schemes, UniWB correction, upside-down mode
- Clean HDMI with pillarboxes
- Anamorphic and fisheye correction
- Image review tweaks (exposure adjust, remember zoom position…)
- Task and CPU usage info
From alpha 1:
- zebras, focus peaking, cropmarks, spotmeter, histogram, waveform, vectorscope, audio meters.
- card benchmark, debug info, stability tests.
- Disable Auto Power Off.
- Recommended usage: copy ML on a small SD card, keep it in the camera, and use CF cards for shooting.
- You can use any card combination, just don’t put ML on both cards.
- EyeFi cards are working!!! (thanks kikouyou)
Known issues:
- Some users reported a few random lock-ups with Alpha 1, but I could not reproduce any.
- The experimental focus peaking modes are a bit too slow (will slowdown LiveView frame rate).