Jailbreak Apps

Here’s a list of 20 awesome jailbreak packages that support iOS 5:

  1. SBSettings – Arguably the most popular tweak in Cydia, SBSettings gives you quick access to common iOS settings.
  2. BiteSMS – This SMS client adds handy features like quick reply and message preview.
  3. IntelliScreenX – Set to release next week, this utility adds insane amounts of functionality to iOS 5′s Notification Center.
  4. Dreamboard – The app to own if you’re really into customizing and theming.
  5. Activator – A utility that allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite iOS functions and settings.
  6. OpenSSH – Allows you to access your iDevice’s file system remotely.
  7. FakeCarrier – A simple utility that allows you to change your carrier’s name in the status bar to whatever you want.
  8. FolderLock – This tweak enables you to put a password lock on folders and the Settings app.
  9. MxTube – Similar to MyTube, MxTube allows you to download YouTube videos for future playback.
  10. iFile – A full-featured file manager of iOS.
  11. CallBar – This tweak turns full screen incoming call notifications into a tiny banner.
  12. KillBackground – This utility installs itself into the multitask bar and allows you to kill all open apps with a single tap.
  13. Multifl0w – Get webOS card-like multitasking with this unique utility.
  14. MyWi – Access internet on your laptop or tablet with this hotspot-like application.
  15. My3G – Bypass Wi-Fi-only restrictions on apps like FaceTime with this tweak.
  16. Infinidock – This tweak allows you to add unlimited icons to your iOS dock.
  17. Gridlock – Put your icons wherever you want on your homescreens with this utility.
  18. Copic – This tweak adds contact photos to your call log, address book, and Messages app.
  19. AllMail – Get better email management with this tweak.
  20. PasswordPilot – This utility automatically enters your App Store password for you.

Now all we need is an iPhone 4S jailbreak and an iOS 5 untether, and we’ll be set.